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Magical Musical Instrument App and Interactive Story

You know those interactive books that play sounds or maybe have something fuzzy to touch incorporated in them? Well, the apps that Box of Frogs Media creates takes those to the next level. They create downloadable books for children that allow kids to touch and interact with stories as they read. Pictures move, sounds play and children have the option to read the book themselves or have a narrator read the stories to them. As of now, the apps are available on iOS products, so owners of iPhone, iPads and iPod touches are welcome to download and share Box of Frogs Medias stories...

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Finding the Perfect Summer Camp

Summer camp helps children discover who they are. Each camp is a hands-on learning opportunity that gives kids the chance to explore new activities and interests. From summer camp springs new hobbies, knowledge and solid life experiences. Beyond learning about the outdoors, science or animals, camp is also an excellent way for kids to develop top-notch social skills. But with so many out there, how do you know which one will be the best fit for your little one? Here are some things to consider when hunting for the perfect summer camp for your child...

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